The resulting apartment is spacious, orderly and logical, where you can feel the sensitivity and soul of the inhabitants.


A few words about the project


“Beautiful, warm, soft interior, giving the impression of a drop of milk enclosed in an amber inclusion. One gets the impression that even the daylight shining into the interior embraces every element calmly so as not to destroy this harmony. Undoubtedly, the space itself gives a feeling of comfort. The very crossing of the doorway gives a sense of security, and the warmth and tangle of the fire in the fireplace soothe even the most shaky soul. Once we have worn off all the hassle of the day, we can move to the walnut alcove, floating on turquoise waves, from which only a step distances us from the sensual bathroom, which delights us with a beautiful, meticulously arranged mosaic. “                                  

poet Kamil Dudek


The apartement simple in form and colour, shade by shade does not create boredom, but harmoniously alternates. Walnut, oak, velours and semi-mattres in truffle colours with a touch of white cream and a pinch of deep blue – these ingredients have built a timeless, dignified interior with a thoughtful function meeting the expectations of family members.

The living room, as well as the whole apartament, is a consistent compositional concept, where sensitively selected pieces of art and sculptures introduce festive harmony, so necessary in the daily rush. “Beach” by Beata Oilak Pel’s over the fireplace carved from a single slab of marble crowns the simple furnishings. The “Bull” by Mateusz Grobelny and the fire-carved ceramic ribbons installed on wood by the same author add spice. We were intrigued by the original form of Grobelny’s lamp, but tearing out a piece of floor and assembling an installation on the wall was a more interesting action. 

The kitchen continues the same landscape of nature. Stone cabinet fronts, and scattered on the kitchen wall the planks of different thicknesses build up the background of the dining room. The walnut table is lit by lamps, in the form of two white, exaggerated clouds. The interior is complemented by the painting by Mateusz Globelny from his “Museum” series, with a similar, simple linear perspective. Everything is clear, simple and soulful, conducive to romantic as well as family gatherings.

The night area reflects the personality of the family memebers. The young designer’s room is masculine and resembles a contemporary loft. Scandinavian pastels dominate the daughter’s room. The master bedroom welcomes repeated walnut, with delicate features of blue and a bit of copper. The bedroom leads to a stone bathroom with a beautifully exposed mosaic, selected from the Sicis collection of artistically cut glass mosaics.

The outcome is a spacious, orderly and logical apartament, where one can feel the sensitivity and soul of the family in the aesthetics of the selected works of art. The balance of composition and harmony of colours allows to separate from the hustle and bustle and gain strength before another intensive day.