Style glamour in fashion, architecture, art takes us to an idealized world, where a woman dazzles, is full of grace, mystery and charm.

A few words about the project

“Art is not merely an imitation of natural reality, but a metaphysical supplement to it, placed alongside it to overcome it.” 

Friedrich Nietzsche, “The Birth of Tragedy”

The glamour style in fashion, architecture and art conveys us to an idealised world, where women dazzle, are full of grace, mystery and charm. Just like Hollywood stars, Hedy Lamarr or Grace Kelly from Hitchcock’s “Window on the Yard”.  Glamour is the world we desire, the world of heroes, mysterious and distant. Today, the term taken from 1913 ‘magic spell’ is still relevant. Women want to be perfectly beautiful, our lives perfect, comfortable and effortless. Elegance and comfort, the cult of beauty are the hallmarks of glamour, which have stimulated our imagination to create a space that gives a new purpose and meaning to the life of the family in a cultural and individual sense.

We take the lift into the spacious lobby, where serpentines of crystal garlands on mirrors form a curtain of promising scenery. Here, everyday life slows down and we get a clear message: women play first fiddle. Seductive, dangerous and dazzling – you will not pass by indifferently. You may or may not like it, but you will definitely remember the experience. At the entrance, the first actress adorns the entrance wardrobe. The painting is inspired by the work “The Raven” by Maggie Piu, in reds. The painting of a woman in ornaments of Ukrainian embroidery and lace with precision of detail promises us a journey to a higher world.                                                                 

In the living room, a monumental stone fireplace, playing with the light and classic quilted seats. Between them a composition of nonchalantly thrown silk carpets. The centre attracts a woman with her mirror image in an elegant, richly decorated, yet contemporary, rock styling. This is the inspiration of “Balmain” by Maggie Piu. It is a story about the madness of fashion, haute couture, where femininity and its mysterious charm complements the artistic dimension of the designs. The painted wall, like a fairy-tale stained glass window, reflects all the colours of the interior: beige, orange, gold and the shades of navy blue.

The kitchen with a dining area is unforced elegance. The stone marble slabs slide on both sides and conceal shelves for the things that are usually kept on the worktop in the kitchen. As in glamour, it has to be perfect, there is no room for the mundane: cables, sockets and everyday utensils.  The mirrored island, stone table, upholstered chairs and crystals pouring from the ceiling against a background of black and white paintings add the drama. Here, meals are celebrated, friends are invited, time lingers and pauses in memories.

The other part of the house is the night area – the guest rooms and the bedrooms. The coffers on the walls in white and textured wallpapers in navy blue and gold contrast here. The master bedroom is a royal chamber. Cladding in fine walnut and navy blue materials give a sense of cosiness, while a lace chandelier builds drama. The “ACUPICTURA, PICTURA,TATOO” woman enchants with her charm and delicacy of lace decorations. 

Functionality, elegance and careful attention to detail are the hallmarks of the glamour style that reigns in this penthouse. They create the impression of an idealised world which we want to be a part of.