100 square meters apartment in Gdansk, Poland

Photographer: Magdalena Łojewska


A few words about the project


“What is art, after all? We could say metaphorically that art is a (more or less conscious) shape of getting to know the world from the side of its unity with ourselves, it is a shape of getting to know ourselves from the side of our unity with the objective world…a human vision embracing the dance of the world fascinating with its terror and beauty.”

Jerzy Grotowski



There are places where thoughtful juxtapositions of structures and forms prevent gloomy reflections. This flat is a proof of that. The white walls and geometrically cut panels give a three-dimensional effect. They are soft and delicate. The brushed oak kitchen cabinet fronts match them perfectly, giving impressions of durability and stability. The kitchen window with a natural slab of marble is an example of the interplay between the work of nature and human imagination. 

The axis of the kitchen is marked by an island with a stone top, extended by a kitchen table in the same finish. On the opposite anthracite wall, a massive sculpture from Roman Fryczyński’s studio gives a refined character to this part of the flat. 

The living room is expanded with frames of mirrors. Reflections of gold and anthracite rims create a dynamic installation. The matt cinema wall mutes the play of metallic and lacquered surfaces. The drawing of the marble fireplace panel reveals successive shades of beige, rust and brown. In the interior, we constantly commune with art; in the corridor and living room, Krzysztof Rapsa’s abstractions attract with their colour.

The cinema wall hides a secret passage to the master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. After crossing the doorway, an intimate space full of beige, grey and gold welcomes you. Sensual and expressive abstractions by Alicja Domańska stimulate the senses. It is not only painting that creates the mood. A challenging and predatory image of a woman over the bathtub, constructed from mosaics, stimulates the senses and makes this place associated with a source of pleasure and delight.

Children’s rooms represent their separate worlds. Romantic shades of pink, fairytale drawings of flowers and butterflies are every girl’s dream. Next door room, navy blue, grey and geometry build the little boy’s world. A cork, illuminated map is installed to mark the places visited by the young traveller. Children have their own separate space to develop passions and store memories.

The modern apartment received its own unique character thanks to the owners’ sensitivity to harmony and art. This, combined with the arrangement, allowed to create a unique place – beautiful, family and cosy.