Home Safe.

Safe, close, its own natural shelter. Such a home is familiar smells and tastes like revisiting childhood, like pages written with memories. It’s a home you return to, where familiar objects make you mellow, smile at those moments, feel at ease. Circumstances of our time that are beyond our control: pandemics, politics, the law, all these changing factors to which we are powerless, to which we must submit, make us perhaps more in need of a permanent place where we are comfortable, which gives us the energy to do our own thing despite these variables. The rush, the cancelled trips, the cancelled meetings, these are losses that we have to compensate for. We start to care more about our surroundings, about every morning, we look for joy in every moment, in everyday life. And that is what a well-kept house, apartment, the nearest space is for. Such is Botanika. Rich in natural textures, rough veneers like an untarnished pencil. It smells of wood, parchment, and emanates peace. It is here, where we sit on our favourite sofa, every morning, Grzegorz Kufel’s playful “Chichot” winks at us, we reach for our favourite magazine, we go to a nearby park. Carefully arranged pictures accompany us in everyday life. “Reflection” by Aneta Kublik, whose conventions are made more understandable by the planned lighting of the corridor. From every perspective, the painting works differently, its dense matter reveals different movement, emotions frozen in the matter.

From a quiet bedroom with a sensual wall covering – snow Yula Panthera Arte, we sneak through a high corridor to the living room. The first rays are gliding on Agnieszka Garczyńska’s abstraction depicting scraps of the day that we have just to put together. We are sipping coffee, closely watched by the bewitching figure of “Herb” by Grzegorz Kufel and smiling at “Chichot” Kufel. Now we are ready to face the rest of the day.

Botany is the kind of apartment you want to come back to every day, where you shed the dust of the whole day. It’s your favorite objects, memories, familiar smells, unchanging, giving you a sense of security. It’s a place with your favorite collection of literature and art like the company of old friends with whom you feel at ease and never get bored. You know what you’ll grab for when it comes to moving out, you know what has that timeless value for you. I think art is one of the most important elements of interior design. It is its soul, it makes the interior complete and individual. It makes the apartment more reflective of our needs, interests and even memories. It sets the tone of our space, can stimulate action or calm down.

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