Like Demiurge from behind the drawing board, we poured our longing for color, expression and perversity of forms into this project. The result is an eclectic apartment, exploding with color, loosely combining unusual materials and displaying a collection of bold and perverse art. 

A few words about the project

Hour-long conversations with the Investor about Almodóvar and Quentin Tarantino’s cinema, trips to Italy and Spain, stimulated the imagination. Like Demiurge from behind the drawing board, we transferred into this project the longing for color, expression and perversity of forms. The result is an eclectic apartment, exploding with colors, loosely combining original materials and exhibiting collections of bold and perverse art.

In the open living zone there is a division into dining and leisure part. The kitchen resembles a DJ console, and from it flows a mix of colors, awakening and putting in the mood the whole interior. The red truss with playful lamps in the form of The Party MOOOI face, intrigues and reveals the expression and personality of the owner. This is not the place of an introvert, it reveals the fascination of mystery, intrigue and dynamism of the inhabitants.

In the living room, a stately and sprawling Gogan Moroso, and two subversive Biknit armchairs, where an exaggerated stitch design accentuates the strong aesthetics of the seating. The lounging indicates comfort ready for immediate use. A table composition of an experimental terrazzo pattern and an exaggerated Moooi Emperor lamp woven from bamboo leaves continue the mysterious fairy tale story.

In the back of the apartment, we designed a velvet bedroom with a geometric, minimalist bathroom and in the other part, a separate studio for the youngest resident. In the small space, we separated a glass bathroom with a free-standing bathtub, integrated with a washbasin from a modern terrazo, whose motif we repeated in the living part, integrating the space and warning: this is a private, intimate kingdom of a conscious little person! An alcove with a bed and upholstered headboard in a niche encourages and separates the resting zone.

The density of design elements, however, does not overwhelm. The investor consciously and calmly tames the objects and introduces them into his life. He does not treat this place as a museum, but on the contrary, it is a lively and accessible place.