"-Is that vodka? - asked Margaret in a weak voice. (...) - For God's sake, queen," he croaked, "would I dare pour a lady a vodka? It is pure spirit." The Master and Margaret, M. Bulgakov

The subject of the project was to adapt 19th century storage rooms – granaries on the Granary Island in Gdansk into luxurious artistic apartments for the Sassy club. We presented the idea of 4 suites adequately to the context of the place: Sea, Garden, City and Fire.

The Garden – Bohemia apartment is supposed to move us to the paradise, it is supposed to be a place of celebrating important moments in our lives, and at the same time it is supposed to be a comfortable luxury hotel room.  Here we had a problem with the height of the rooms and the underexposed space.  We dressed low lintels in mirrors with golden stripes, and lined the walls with green velour. Multiplied lamps on the ceiling became a canopy for the bed, which is unfolded after pulling the shoulders apart. We designed the shower right at the entrance, and dressed the small bathroom with intricate stucco in Vogua 3d ceramics, a reference to the tiles of Delphi, which are chic and elegant.

Ebru apartment draws energy from the element of water. The color palette is based on shades of navy blue and marine blues. Fish scale on the walls, sensual softness of velvet, intricate stucco, fiber optic curtain, behind which the bathing space is hidden, illuminated ceiling with sea animations – all these details create a mood and stimulate imagination.

Urban Gold suite is dominated by fiery red and gold. Multiplication of mirrors, soft curtains, and gold added vigor and vibration to the space. We designed a glass table that rides over the freestanding bathtub to utilize every inch of precious space. The bathtub becomes a table leg, and the mirrored piece of furniture becomes a refined bed when unfolded.

The City-Metropolis suite is inspired by a European metropolis that never sleeps. Ceilings and walls are lined with mirrors in geometric, golden grid to get reflections of lights, introduce constant movement and rhythm. Mobile furniture, seating and an industrial bathroom behind a mesh wall built a mood in such a small space.