Scandinavian style is simplicity, clarity and practicality; it evokes nature. The interior follows this stylistics. Change of functional arrangement has clearly divided the space into open day zone and hidden, night zone.

A few words about the project

“Simplicity is the ultimate achievement. Once you have played many notes, simplicity emerges as the crowning achievement of art.” 

Frederic Chopin 

We take you on a journey among the landscapes of the North Sea, where twilight conveing directly into dawn during the white nights.

Scandinavian style means simplicity, clarity and practicality; it evokes nature. The interior adheres to this style. The change in the functional layout clearly divides the space into an open living zone and a hidden, night zone.

Crossing the doorway of the flat, we enter directly into the living room welcomed by a minimalist, multifunctional furniture system, covered with wallpaper. Its floral pattern is created by monochromatic chiaroscuro. The walls of mirrors and lacquered coverings add a touch of glamour and enlarge the space. The window of the kitchen is stately, the pistachio cabinet fronts add freshness, highlighting the whiteness and carrara greys on the worktops. The centre of the living room is occupied by a cosy sofa made of grey velour and a comfortable armchair with a composition of delicate patterned cushions. They are inconspicuous, and yet add the final touch to the styling. The round table cleverly finds a place for itself by the terrace windows. The accent is a geometrically shaped openwork lamp, woven from white fibres. Right next to it, large window panes with a corner window introduce an orangery-like, homey atmosphere. 

The hidden night area is an equally beautiful and subdued space. The bedrooms are enlivened with jacquard fabric accessories, featuring designs inspired by Andy Warhol’s pop art in modern colour combinations. The bathrooms are minimalist with the elements such as Fantini Fontane fittings. Pure geometry interprets archetypal shapes in a modern way. The stone worktop, black metal foil taps and clear decors combine to create a coherent composition. 

The clear functional layout and muted, fresh colours create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Natural accessories and noble materials give whiteness a warm and cosy feel.