"It is true that one cannot find the philosopher's stone because, in searching, one discovers many other mysteries that one was not looking for" Bernadr Fontelle

A few words about the project

Walls lined in truffle leather, with herringbone stitch and burnished initial accents of the Mansi family manufactory, with pedestals of concrete and a frame of fine walnut, are a reference to the works on display. The natural magic of the stone combined with the graphic drawing of the base are the elements that create these pieces. The interior design was intended to bring out the beauty and uniqueness of the patterns of natural materials. The installation of a mirror above the stacked display replicates the forms of the objects.  The whole exposition is tied together by a walnut bracket where we designed a composition of shelves and shelves with catalogs. The expression is toned down by an orderly line of elegant consoles and elaborate cabinets placed opposite each other along the walls. The whole is complemented by the paintings of selected artists.

This is how the space, which creates the scenery for the still actors, was created.