The interior brings us into reverie and makes us interested in the story of the selected sculptures and modern painting. 

Photographer: Magdalena Łojewska


A few words about the project


“In the early hours of the day, the atmosphere in the south, near the horizon, is covered with a haze of pink-tinged clouds, darkening towards the west; while nearer he east, the moist vapors on the horizon appear brighter than the horizon itself; the whiteness of the houses in the east merely stands out from the background, while in the south, the farther they are, the more of a dark pink hue they appear, and still more so in the west; and the reverse is true of the shadows, for those cast by the white houses disappear.”

L. Da Vinci

A large, bright apartment with a dominant, strong furniture volume. It acts as a partition, a storage room and a cinema wall in the center of the living room. The color palette is limited to one range: from snow white to dove gray. The attractiveness and dynamism of the rooms are created by various combinations of textures, or rather by their unpredictable combinations, such as glossy lacquered fronts with a velor rhythm of pillars on the furniture body.

Cladding of fabrics, stone or painting panels, curved sharply, hide the cabinets, drawers, without revealing their purpose. A place of rest in silver velor with an accent of colorful cushions, in shades borrowed from the painting, and on the very top of the sofa, guests are welcomed by an amused monkey. It adds humor, which in the overall design assumption is an aphrodisiac, spice, almost a punchline.

The kitchen is elegant, more feminine. We introduce an element of a decorative, strong facade that creates a background for the dining room – a place with an improvisation of a stone table and soft leather armchairs in a modern form. The kitchen island with the cabinets becomes a chest of drawers from the dining room side, the cooker hood changes into a decorative lamp. The entire project assumption is completed by openwork chandelier installations. The lace structure of the lamps designed by Jan Pauwels perfectly fits into an environment dominated by glass, metal and stone.

The night zone is disciplined in terms of colours. In the bedroom, the bathroom glass walls and the window are softened by a flowing fabric patterned geometricaly in the colours of gray and off-blue. From the bedroom we move to the bathroom living room with a raised black stone bathtub. Shiny, noble material sticks into the wall of matte stoneware with an embossed, lace relief. Whiteness, whether pure, hazy or glossy, on the fronts and porcelain tiles, emphsizes exceptional quality of walnut cladding and oak flooring in the bedroom.

The surrounding whiteness subtly plays with the shades of gray, embracing the space with an unique atmosphere that no one can expect from white interior.

The apartment is reminiscent of those moments when we squat by the sea on a muggy summer and the gray Baltic merges with a thick fog. On the shore, sand pours through our fingers and the bright points of distant passers-by attract our attention. The apartment, just like this landscape, is calming and intriguing at the same time. It gives rise to reverie and intrigues us with the story of selected sculptures, non-accidental objects and modern paintings.